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About Ask The Experts

These are short expert lead discussions to support you with growing your speaking brand, landing speaking gigs or becoming a better speaker. 

Target Experience Level: This will let you know who your discussion will cater to.

  • Starting out
  • Experienced - earning some money from speaking or have had a few speaking gigs, but not many
  • Very Experienced - Making 5K upwards, booked on a regular bases

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    Please take a moment to review the experts sessions and submit your preferences below. This will be used to assist with pre-allocating you to expert sessions. You'll be told which sessions you are in at registration.
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    Get Corporate Speaking Engagements in the UK and UAE

    Level: Experienced

    • How to understand how the UAE market works when it comes to speaking engagements

    • How to get in front of event teams to be seen as a credible speaker for upcoming events

    • Knowing what the hot topics are for corporate speaking engagements


    Landing More Business
    Through High Quality

    Level: Starting out / Experienced / Very Experienced

    • Learn how to use the brilliant Critical

    • Question Scoping Tool (Has NASA connections)

    • Take away the "Brilliant scoping aide memoire" for your own use

    • An understanding of how, through scoping you can win more business


    Enhance Your Presentation Skills

    Level: Starting out

    • A tool box tips and tricks to enhance your presentation skills

    • How to engage and hold your audience


    Building a Visible,
    Personal Brand Online
    as a Speaker

    Level: Starting out / Experienced

    • How to Use LinkedIn & other Social Media platforms as a platform to raise your Personal Brand

    • How to Create great content online that showcases your expertise

    • Ways to get yourself in front of potential clients / prospects 


    Running a Sustainable
    Speaker Business

    Level: Starting out / Experienced

    • Be Accountable - know your numbers & set your metrics

    • Be Visible - fall in love with (make time for) marketing

    • Be Available - understand your capacity & rhythm 


    Do I need a team?

    Level: Experienced

    • What are the options for representation

    • What questions to ask before you hire a team member

    •  What are the benefits of a team


    How to Rehearse Like a Pro

    Level: Starting out / Experienced

    • Why 'winging it' will always harm your speaking career

    • Great rehearsals follow a diligent process

    • How to iterate towards your best ever performance


    The Ingredients of a Client Winning Talk

    Level: Starting out / Experienced

    • How to craft your content to win more gigs every time you speak

    • Why most speakers are failing to create truly transformational talks

    • The two things that you need to successfully monetise your message


    Working With
    a Speakers Agency

    Level: Starting out / Experienced

    • How to approach agencies

    • How to get agency ready

    • How to get more gigs via an agency.


    Cracking The Corporate Code: Gaining Access To Corporate Decision Makers

    Level: Starting out / Experienced

    • Uncover actionable strategies to identify the right decision-makers within target corporations

    • Explore ways to pique corporate decision maker interest and demonstrate value upfront

    • Gain insights into positioning yourself as a trusted advisor, not just a speaker, for corporates 


    How To Create an Experience
    for Your Audience
    That Keeps Them
    Coming Back for More

    Level: Experienced

    • How to turn your talk into an experience that continues after you have left the stage

    • Understanding your audience journey from not knowing you to becoming a raving fan

    • Why technology is your best friend as a speaker


    Branding & Styling
    (For Online and Offline Gigs)

    Level: Starting out / Experienced / Very Experienced

    • The misconceptions of branding.

    • How to brand successfully online and offline.

    • How to have pleasure in branding. 


    Build Connections
    with Other Speakers
    to Grow Your Business

    Level: Starting out / Experienced

    • Understand the importance of networking with other speakers

    • Learn how to get more referrals


    Creating Video Assets
    That Build
    Authority & Trust

    Level: Experienced

    • How to utilise video to generate leads

    • How to create video that builds trust

    • Using video to create post event income
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