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London, July 5th

9.30 to 16.30

  • 10+ World Class Speakers & Industry Experts

  • Networking With 100+ Speakers, Agents, Bureaus

  • Exclusive Opportunities to Elevate Your Business

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    Watch the replay of the Live Opening Party here

    Time Stamps:

    1) Introduction about the Speaker Summit: 00:00 - 03:15

    2) Introductions to the tickets: 03:16 - 07:45

    3) Using AI to grow your speaking business: 07:46 - 12:30

    4) Getting inbound speaking gigs: 12:31 - 16:50

    5) Grow your speaking business with strategic partnerships: 16:51 - 21:10

    6) Get gigs with your book: 21:11 - 25:00

    7) Full breakdown of tickets and Special Offer: 25:01 - 30:00

    What Is The Speaker Summit?

    The Speaker Summit is not just an event; it's a catalyst for elevating your speaking business.

    Imagine a unique space for speakers full of growth, opportunities, actionable insights, deep learning, and meaningful connections.

    It’s a blend of industry wisdom and valuable networking, where every conversation could open new doors.

    So, what is the Speaker Summit?

    It's where you come to ELEVATE your speaking business.

    It's where you come to be inspired, to learn, and to take that next big leap.

    Who is The Speaker Summit for?

    The Speaker Summit is designed specifically for speakers who are actively seeking to expand their professional networks, secure higher-profile engagements, and charge higher fees.

    It's an ideal fit for those who have a foundation in public speaking and are now focused on strategies for scaling their business, such as exploring new markets, leveraging advanced marketing techniques, and building partnerships with top industry agencies.

    This summit provides a unique opportunity for speakers to engage directly with industry experts, exchange ideas with peers facing similar challenges, and discover specific, actionable steps to enhance their market presence and business profitability.

    Why Attend?

    Expand Your Network:

    Connect with industry leaders, top agencies, and fellow professionals.

    Learn Advanced Strategies:

    Discover how to grow your business, enter new markets, and maximize profitability.

    Gain Industry Insights:

    Stay ahead with the latest trends and evolving dynamics in the speaking world.

    Enhance Your Brand:

    Learn effective marketing techniques to elevate your presence and attract higher-profile engagements.

    Expert Knowledge:

    Benefit from the experience and wisdom of seasoned speakers and industry experts.

    Unique Opportunities:

    Explore potential partnerships and collaborative ventures with peers and industry leaders.

    Grab Your Tickets Before It's Too Late

    We have limited seats for this event, and the demand for tickets have been rising everyday. The tickets are going to go very quickly, so get them till they are available here.











    Meet our speakers and experts for the event. Learn from them how to grow and elevate your speaking business.


      Founder and Chief Mentor at Speaking Business Academy.

      Show me the Money! How To Find Paid Speaking Opportunities.


      Maria Franzoni is one of the most experienced speaker bookers in Europe and recognised as a speaking industry expert. She supports speakers (established and new) to turn their speaking into profitable businesses.


      Speaking/Storytelling Coach and Gender Inclusion Speaker.

      Storytelling Expert and Gender Inclusion Speaker, As the founder of the UK Professional Speaking Association, they have developed a reputation for engaging audiences through entertaining and inspiring stories. As a non-binary trans person, they use their personal stories and experience to help business leaders to make their organisations more LGBTQ inclusive, and more profitable.


      Professional Moderator & Diversity Keynote Speaker

      Optimise Your Profile To Get Inbound Enquiries


      Lovelda is dedicated to supporting female speakers and business owners in boosting their sales and honing their strategy. Learn all aspects of the 'business' of speaking from her comprehensive coaching approach.


      Founder Speaker Express

      The Edge of Excellence - What Sets Top Speakers Apart

      In the world of professional speaking, excellence isn't about leaps and bounds but the small, deliberate steps that distinguish the great from the good. "The Edge of Excellence" delves into these subtle differences and explores the 12 archetypes that highly paid speakers utilize, revealing the techniques top speakers employ to captivate their audiences. From the art of nuanced storytelling to the power of authentic engagement, discover what truly sets elite speakers apart. Join us as we uncover the fine details that make a world of difference on stage.


      Founder of Rethink Press and Founder of the Business Book Awards

      Why Every Speaker Needs Book Magic!


      Author of 13 books and founder of Rethink Press and the Business Book Awards, Lucy will guide you on writing your book and using it as a tool to expand your speaking business. Learn her proven book process that has empowered hundreds of experts like you to share their knowledge through published works.


      Co-founder GTeX - Conversion Expert

      Grow Your Speaking Business and Get More Gigs With Strategic Partnerships


      Simone Vincenzi is a multi-award winning serial entrepreneur and author who has helped people to launch more than 500 profitable businesses before he reached the age of 30 with his company GTeX. Nominated as one of the most influential migrant entrepreneurs in the House of Parliament, he writes for Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and regularly features on tv and radio talking about how experts can become authorities in their field. 


    Early Bird Expires on the 16th of June.


    Early Bird


  • Event Access

  • Lunch

  • Meet Agents & Bureaus

  • Networking

  • Ask The Experts

  • Exclusive Content

  • £1000

    VIP Ticket

    Only 10 2 Available

  • Standard Access +

  • Exclusive meeting on 4th of July including:

  • VIP Lunch with Glass of Champagne

  • 2hrs Live Mastermind with Maria Franzoni (Speaker Booker). Kaye Freeman (Speaker Agent) & Paul Green (Funnel Expert)

  • Private Zoom session to prepare for the mastermind with the founders

  • 1h VIP Q&A With Simone Vincenzi on Strategic Partnerships after the Summit

  • 1h VIP Q&A With Elliot Kay on Writing A Bio That Sells after the Summit

  • 1h VIP Q&A With Lovelda Vincenzi on Creating a LinkedIn Speaker Profile That Gets You Booked after the Summit


    Location & Contact

    This event is going to take place at the DoubleTree by Hilton London - Docklands Riverside, UK. For any query you may call or email us at the below mentioned contacts.

  • DoubleTree by Hilton London - Docklands Riverside
    265A Rotherhithe St, London,
    SE16 5HW,

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    There are limited tickets available, and the event is going to be sold out. So, get your tickets before it's too late if you want to elevate your speaking business.